Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey Remember Me?!

Wellll yes it's been a while so let's just jump right in. Starting at Bellys 1st BIRTHDAY!!
(About half a year ago. What I've been super busy.)

Here is the first of her two first birthdays.

This one consisted of Mom, Dad and Grandma. On her actual birthday.

She LOOOOVED tearing the paper off. And like you'd suspect didn't really pay any attention to the toy.
Wrap paper in paper and that is the perfect gift for a 1yr old.

And now a little birthday cake.


Now on to the big one. The birthday party where we invited a bunch of people.
I would like to go on record and say the inviting a bunch of people to a 1 year olds birthday party was MY horrible idea.
(You'll see what I mean. Don't let Rach try and take credit for it.)

Getting ready.
G-Mom getting drinks ready
Uncle Russ ready for some food.
The amazing cakes (yes cakeS) our friend Marissa had made.

Some of the ol' FG peeps stopping by to mark the occasion.

These pictures are a bit out of order but I assure you Bella did not have the amazing time I thought she would. It was kind of interesting though. Watching 20 something people sing Happy Birthday to someone without looking at them. Fun times. fun times.

Next up.
Just some more cute pictures.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay so if you're just reading this check the previous posts for the trip to Maine, Boston and the like. But only after you've check out,

Bellas First Halloween!

So our little girl had her first Halloween tonight and thanks to Ben, Wendy, Ella, Leo, Todd, Julie and Boogs it was AWESOME!

Down the block from Ben and Wendy they block off an entire street to let the kids trick or treat without having to worry about getting hit by a car. Everyone comes for miles around to trick or treat here because it is such a prime candy spot. So they invited us to bring Bells along and even though she can't eat candy and was freaked out by how many people there were, we are DEFINITELY going back next year!

But I'm jumping ahead.

So there wasn't a shortage of costumes for Bella this year. We had bought her a Winnie the Pooh costume but my mom came across a pink poodle costume and she had to see Bella in it! So we put her in the pink poodle first and of course she was adorable. See for yourself.

We were going to take her to the mall in this but she wasn't having it.
Here wait, I think it looked a little something like this...

"Yeah, I hear what your saying about the Poodle costume but I'm not really feelin' it for the mall."

"No dad I know it's cute, but your just gonna have to trust me on this one."

"Dad, don't dress me. Just let mom do it. She knows what she's doing."

And so the Pink Poodle outfit though cute as a button was done.
So on to costume #2 WINNIE THE POOH!!

Now this was a bit of a tough sell at first but after about two minutes she loved it.

Belly was pretty skeptical on going out in public dressed like Pooh.

Mom are you sure this is a good idea?

I don't know, something doesn't feel right...


Taking me to the mall as a Pink Poodle?!

What is wrong with you?!

So in any case we went with the Wexler/Garfields on Bellys first Trick or Treat and had a great time. Bella didn't like it as much as we did but after she got some Cheerie O's instead of candy she was just fine.

And on the ride home she gave me that look.
That, "we're doing this again next year right?" look.

Ugh Ohh. Random Cuteness.

I love random cuteness.

Until next time!